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Our Company

Our Industrial Plant

The industrial plant of Quick & Tasty foods (Rapidos y Sabrosos) of Colombia SA, is one of the most technified organizations of Colombia, with a broad portfolio of products and a capacity and disposition to adapt to our customers needs. We invite you to get to know us and enjoy the support that we as a company can give to meet your nutritional needs.


Our Brand (Mr Quick!, delicias nutritivas en un Quick) offers a variety of tasty frozen snacks and gourmet meals, a great variety of long lasting products that could be stored at room temperature, of which posses an exquisite taste and nutritional balance ease of preparation and consumption that make these meals an excellent source of nutrition.


In the industrial plant of Quick & Tasty Colombia SA supplies food to the whole country, and we count our human talent as highly trained and competent individuals some of which have been with us since the beginning and our 12 years of experience in the industrial scale food production.

Planta industrial de alimentos Quick and tasty


Provide food products with high quality and safety standards, satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers and consumers, through a model of continuous improvement with harmony with the environment, enhancing the development of our collaborators, employees and our shareholders.

Vission statement

For the year 2022 Quick & Tasty with be a food company of massive consumption and institutional recognition in the central and southwestern regions of Colombia, in the categories of dairy, frozen and meals ready to eat; with international sales in the frozen food category, guaranteeing our customers:


  • Nutritional Balance Food

  • Opportunity and Distribution Coverage

  • Quality and Safety

  • Excellent human Talent

  • Development and Innovation

  • Social Responsibility and culture for a better environment


Integral Management Policy

Quick & Tasty( Rapidos y Sabrosos) of Colombia SA is an industrial scale company in the food sector dedicated to its production, distribution and marketing. Quick & Tasty is a highly technical corporation with excellent human talent as a fundamental pillar of the organization that provides an effective services and is committed to: 


  • The generation of value to our costumers and other interest groups 

  • Compliance of LEgal Regulations associateed with out lines of action

  • Strengthening of the working culture oriented to the prevention of injuries and diseases.

  • Proper management of natural resources and the protection and the preservation of the environment

  • The promotion and strenthening of our organizational management based on the continous improvement and risk based approach  

Corporate Policy of Social Responsibility

Quick & Tasty (Rapidos y Sabrosos) of Colombia SA is committed to creating value for its different interest groups. Said commitment is expressed:


1. With shareholders, with the management of relations with the different interest groups,        the proper management of its businesses, resources , generating return on their                  investment.

2. With collaborators:

    A. Complying with legal obligations in a timely manner improving the quality of work life,          promoting and applying organizational principles and values.

    B. Policy of No Consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other psychoactive substances                 through programs to promote healthy lifestyles, campaigns and environment of                     employees and contractors. Exercise control of any behaviors related to the                         consumption of alcohol tobacco and psychoactive substances and take necessary               actions in accordance with current legislation and labor regulations.

3. With Clients, Suppliers, Contractors, Contribute to an increase in their competition level,      though focus in the development of excellent practices in service, social business                responsibility, and the delivery of healthy and safe products that meets needs. 

4. With the environment, with the environment promoting awareness and a Environmental      Management culture with in any level in the company, as well as with clients and                  contractors. 

5. With the Government and the community, timely compliance with legal obligations that        lie with us; guiding all employees to adjust the organizational management system to          changes in legal and regulatory norms and public policies. Contributing to the                      improvement of the quality of life, education and the strengthening of the social fabric in      the region.

The application and implementation of this policy is the responsibility of all personnel and permanent monitoring of all personnel and permanent monitoring will be carried out to ensure compliance.

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