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Services We Offer

  • Contract Manufacturer

  • Contract Packager

  • Planning Processes

  • Inventory Management

  • Menu Planning and Standardization

  • System of Quality Assurance

  • Technical Support in Food Courts

Our Procedural Capacity

  • Autoclave technology for long lasting food production at room temperature/ IQF frozen products.

  • Process of Product Design

  • Production Control

  • Quality Systems

  • Staff skills and Training set

  • Menu Development

  • Market trends

  • Product Safety

  • Packaging and design services

  • Professional and qualified staff in:

  • Nutritionist

  • Dietitians

  • Professional Chef

  • Food Engineers

Our Production Capacity

In site Catering

Capacity to deliver Food at any catering location.

Food services in Large Scale Events

We are able to provide a food service during an entire period of the event.

Institutional Channel

  • Kitchen and dinning room 

  • Meals Ready to Eat

  • Customizing the menu to meet nutritional needs.

Hospitals and clinics

  • Quality systems 

  • Customization of Therapeutic food

  • Food counseling services

  • Meals Ready to Eat

National and International Sporting events

  • Kitchen and temporary dining room (Construction and management)

  • Meals Ready to Eat

  • Menu personalization that satisfies any nutritional needs

  • Transport and logistic of the delivery of food

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